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Channel signs / channel letters are one of the most common sign applications today.  Each letter is individually crafted and illuminated with LED lights.  Channel letters can be designed to match logos, fonts, sizes, colors, and are Eco-friendly.  These letters are wall mounted, with all wiring concealed behind the fascia.  Other applications, including raceway mounted and reverse lit channel letters are available.

Color changing LEDs are a way to draw attention from viewers.  These LEDs gradually change from one color to the next.  It comes with an easy to use remote. Color changing LEDs use low voltage making them use less power without affecting brightness. 

Remember, LEDs do not use mercury or lead and are efficiently green.


There are many options regarding channel signs.  Here are a few samples of channel signs / channel letters from daytime to night-time transitioning. 

"FROOTS" is reverse lit channel letters with red LEDs that create a halo effect at night.

"SLONE BROS FURNITURE" is front lit channel letters & channel sign with white LEDs.

"CHAMBERLIN'S" is a channel sign of more than one feature.  It is a front and reverse lit sign on a raceway, but what makes this sign unique is the backer plate. The benefit of a profile-cut backer plate, is it hides their mandatory raceway that was required by the shopping center and allows the reverse lighting to not be obstructed due to the raceway.

"THE ESCAPE GAME" is front lit channel letters with black perforated vinyl. During the day, the letters look black and at night, the letters illuminate white.


Froots Day
Froots Night
Slone Brothers Furniture
Slone Brothers Night
Chamberlins Lake Mary.jpg
Channel letters
The Escape Game_day.jpg
The Escape Game_night.jpg

Thanks to the latest technology in signage, channel sign / channel letters can be as expansive as you want and still be efficiently green.  The use of LED lighting over conventional options like fluorescent and neon means less power.  LED also does not use mercury or lead.  While these platforms can be highly illuminated, they are still a low voltage solution with advanced transformers that will still provide somewhere in the vicinity of 100,000 hours over their lifespan.

We are also UL certified.


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